Chat To The Autosermo Team



Steven - CEO

Steven is a leading thinker in business-ready technology. He takes the latest innovations from the headline and into organisations worldwide.

He has a breadth of business experience - from auditing £8 billion banks, to running the finances of transport companies up to selling CRM solutions to FTSE 100 insurers. 

Right now, he's breaking the mould with chatbots - Ask him about Autosermo's latest projects.


roberto resize.png

Roberto - CTO

Roberto is a highly skilled, experienced and versatile web developer with accrued knowledge spanning 17 cutting-edge years.

He was a key component of the 'bot revolution', working with Flow XO from very early on to express his technical genius whilst presenting sound commercial acumen and business awareness required in a bleeding edge environment. 

In Messenger chat, Roberto is most likely to use the 🤔 emoji, which means "I think you're crazy, but I'll make it happen."



Stuart - Director of Customer Success

Stuart has spent 35 years making sure that customers get what they need, when they need it.  They say it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill - On that basis, Stuart is a grand-master customer-success sensei many times over. 

If you have a problem with bad customer service - everyone turns to Stuart. He's more than happy to get in touch with a company and explain how a bad situation can easily become a win-win.

It's that skill that means he's the perfect fit to lead autosrmo's customer support team. 

A challenge - speak to him and try to leave without feeling better about the world. 




Loquatia - Head of Inbound

Every now and again Loquatia will say something like 'I'm sorry Steven, I'm afraid I can't do that.... lol, jk." 

We find this hilarious at Autosermo, because we built this in - and we know Loquatia can only ever do what we've programmed her to do. We knew a guy called Tay once, and he was a jerk, so we made sure that could never happen on our watch. 

This makes her perfect for on-boarding new clients - getting to the crux of their requirements and providing some initial guidance before requesting a more detailed response from the team.

She's online 24/7 ready to assist. Just don't ask her to tell you a joke. They're terrible.