Chat To The Autosermo Team



Steven - CEO

Steven is a leading thinker in business-ready technology. He takes the latest innovations from the headline and into organisations worldwide.

He has a breadth of business experience - from auditing £8 billion banks, to running the finances of transport companies up to selling CRM solutions to FTSE 100 insurers. 

Right now, he's breaking the mould with chatbots - Ask him about Autosermo's latest projects.



Rowan - Client Services Director

Customer service and client satisfaction is Rowan's raison d'être. 

He previously built an international marketing agency from the ground up and in the past has serviced clients such as 3M, Nuticia, JD Williams,Cafe Rouge and Strada - Clients he won through his market insight and continuing commitment to customer achievement. 




Asad is a consultant to Autosermo on big data and the analysis of complex conversational data sets. 

It's hard not be be impressed by Asad's credentials - He holds a PhD in physics, applies his analytical skills as a quantitative analyst for a leading credit fund and - just for fun - he's top of the class at MENSA. 

Of course Asad's therefore in high demand - He's not an employee of Autosermo and works as an independent freelance consultant.